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Graphene Flagship CSA:

Next-2Digits project was invited to be presented at the Graphene Flagship CSA and RIA/IA introduction meeting and the Graphene Flagship’s Annual meeting 2023 and the Coordinator Prof. Ioanna Zergioti and Dr. Marina Makrygianni, Senior Researcher from the NTUA have participated. The event was taking place on 18th and 19th of April 2023 in Hague, Netherlands, organized by the Graphene Flagship (@GrapheneEU).


Next-2Digits project was presented by the Coordinator Prof. Ioanna Zergioti on April 19. The "Next-2Digits" project aims to develop a new generation of sensors that are small, lightweight, and low-cost.


The Next-2Digits team was invited and participated at the Graphene Europe 2050 Vision and strategy workshop, that took place on April 19-20 2023. NTUA’s team took part of the discussion on the scientific vision of the role of 2D materials in different topics (e.g., Photonics, Sensors, Energy Technologies, etc.) and how they meet the expectations on societal impact, market relevance and R&D in the short, medium and long term.

This was a great contribution and impact for the Next-2Digits. Thank you @GrapheneEU.

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